Why You Need Umbrella Insurance For Your Small Business

If you have a small business in Niles, IL, you need to have sufficient liability insurance to protect it. Small businesses face more risks than more established ones and they may not have the funds to deal with them. Liability insurance policies protect you if third parties get injured at your place of work or if your business is responsible for the loss or damage of other people’s property. Your standard commercial insurance policy may not offer you enough protection. Contact Bob Korvas Agency Inc. to get quotes for umbrella insurance. They will help you to determine the limit option that is suitable for your small business depending on its exposure to risks and size.

Importance of Umbrella Insurance For Small Businesses

  • Umbrella insurance gives your business additional protection against the risks that your general liability insurance covers. If, for example, your business is legally liable for a costly repair, the cost may exceed your general liability policy limits. In such instances, your umbrella insurance will help you pay for the extra costs. If you do not have umbrella insurance, you may have to sell some of your business assets to foot the costs of repair.
  • Your umbrella insurance policy may offer your business coverage for liabilities that other policies do not cover. Such liabilities include slander and libel. In such instances, it stands as a primary insurance and includes a deductible or self-insured retention that your business would have to meet.
  • Your umbrella insurance may exceed the border limits of your general liability policy. If, for example, your general liability insurance only covers you for risks in a certain location, your umbrella insurance may compensate you for liability within and beyond that area.

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