What is umbrella insurance and do I need it?

Although you have a homeowner’s or commercial insurance policy, you may be in the market for more coverage than that policy allows. If this is the case, you will want to look into obtaining an umbrella insurance policy but what exactly is it?

An umbrella insurance policy is a secondary type of liability insurance that covers your personal responsibility over and beyond the standard liability that is covered under your homeowner’s or business’ insurance policy. The umbrella liability insurance gives you extra coverage against lawsuits and other claims that may be levied against you or your business. Basically, umbrella insurance is a great way to further protect your financial future and your assets.

To obtain umbrella insurance, you must already have a primary insurance policy in place since it will be secondary to that policy. It will cover you or your business if there ever comes a time when there is litigation arising from property damage or injury caused by you or your business. This means the associated legal defense costs against such claims will also be covered.

For example, let’s say you are flying your remote control airplane in your yard at your home but you are not that good at flying it. The plane comes down and hits a person walking in the area, causing injuries to them. Your homeowner’s insurance policy may cover the person’s hospital bills, but then they sue you for lost wages and medical bills they have incurred as a result of the mishap. Your umbrella insurance policy will help you cover the charges your attorneys will levy to defend you in court on such a lawsuit.

Basically, an umbrella insurance policy gives you extra peace of mind in case of a disastrous event occurring. The skilled and experienced agents at Bob Korvas Agency Inc. in Niles, IL are ready to assist you with all of your umbrella insurance needs.