What are the Different Types of Health Insurance?

Health insurance is something that we should all be thinking about and that we should all have to protect ourselves in the event that we are ill or injured. That being said, there are tons of different types of health insurance to consider and each has benefits and drawbacks that are unique to the type you choose. For those in the Niles, IL area, the agents with Bob Korvas Agency Inc. can help you find the perfect policy and policy type for your particular needs.

The first type of health insurance you should consider is an individual policy. These can be offered through your work or through a private agency and cover the medical needs of one person, the individual that took out the policy. This type of insurance is generally a few hundred a month and often covers things like preventative care and a portion of treatment care costs.

You may also want to look at individual plus plans, these can be individual plus a spouse or individual plus an entire family. This type of policy is going to cost more than an individual policy and is going to come with a higher deductible. You may have an individual deductible for each person or you may have a family deductible dependent on the type of policy you are taking out. These area gain policies that can be taken out privately or that can be offered through your work.

The last type you may want to consider is a group policy. This is going to be offered through your employer and you get a lower rate based on how many people are insured in the group. You can choose individual or family in this type of policy and can get great coverage. For those in the Niles, IL area, the agents with Bob Korvas Agency Inc. can help.