Is Damage Caused by Melted Snow Covered by My Homeowners Insurance?

Snow has started early this year here in Niles, Illinois. The Chicago area got the third earliest record snowfall in October of this year. Homes that are not in designated flood zones may get bombarded with a significant amount of snow. When that snow melts, where does it go?

What Is Snowmelt?

Snowmelt occurs when the snow begins to thaw. This causes runoff, often in a short period of time. The ground is frozen, so it is unable to absorb that melted snow. That water will then flow into rivers, streams and lakes, eventually causing excess water to come over the dams and banks.

Is It Covered?

As a general rule, snowmelt is not covered by your homeowners insurance policy or an additional flood policy. If the pressure from the snow build-up causes roof damage, broken windows or any type of similar home damage, then your policy may cover it. However, this varies by carrier and by state.

Once it begins to warm up outside, the snowmelt that leads to flooding may actually be covered by your flood policy. Essentially, you need to contact your independent insurance agent to determine what type of destruction your homeowners insurance actually covers.

Contact Your Independent Agent

Because it appears this winter is going to be harder, it is important to know how the snow affects your homeowners insurance. It is just as important to ensure you have adequate coverage in the event that disaster strikes your home. If you have questions about what is covered by your homeowners insurance, whether you have coverage for flood damage or how a personal injury claim might work in conjunction with your policy, contact one of our independent agents in the 60714 community to discuss.