Motorcycle Safety Tips Every Rider Should Know

Safety is paramount when riding a motorcycle due to the extensive injuries that an accident can cause. By taking precautions, motorcyclists can protect themselves against the devastating effects that an accident can cause. Whether you’re a newbie or motorcycle pro, these safety tips compiled by Bob Korvas Agency Inc. in Niles, IL can help keep you and others safe on the road.

Choose Your Bike Wisely

Use wisdom when choosing a bike as some are easier to handle than others. New riders should purchase a bike designed for beginners and work their way up to a more powerful model after they’ve gained experience on the road. Match the size and weight of your bike to your weight and build to facilitate handling. Your bike should also be comfortable for city and highway riding. 

Wear Safety Gear

Always wear a helmet to protect your head and face in the event of a crash. A full-face DOT-approved helmet constructed of crash-resistant materials will provide the best protection against accidents. A leather jacket, durable pants, gloves, and non-skid boots will protect your arms, legs, feet, and hands when riding and reduce the risk of serious injuries in an accident.

Drive Defensively and Respect Road Laws

Drive defensively on the road to reduce your risk of accidents. Stay alert and within easy sight of other drivers. Signal when changing lanes and always look left and right when turning. Stay within the speed limits as speed can be deadly in an accident. Respect all road laws and avoid reckless riding as it only takes one careless act to end your riding career permanently.

Purchase Motorcycle Insurance

Make sure you have adequate motorcycle insurance to protect you and others on the road.

For more information about motorcycle coverage options and costs, contact Bob Korvas Agency Inc. in Niles, IL.