Is Your Car Ready for Holiday Driving?

If a winter road trip is on your agenda this holiday season, start now to prep your car for holiday driving. Servicing your vehicle, buying winter tires and updating your auto insurance can all contribute to safer holiday travels. At Bob Korvas Agency Inc. in Niles, IL we recommend your journey begins with a thorough inspection of your vehicle to make sure it’s road ready for winter travels. 

Vehicle Inspection

Have your car inspected before taking off for the holidays. Routine maintenance to include checking fluids, battery, belts, brakes, and wipers can help prevent problems with breakdowns on the road. If you need an oil change, do it before your holiday travels. If your tires are old and worn, replace them to enhance safety on the road.

Car Cleanliness

Hit the road with a clean, uncluttered vehicle for greater comfort as you travel. Wipe down seats, vacuum floors and remove clutter and garbage that’s accumulated from everyday use. A clean, uncluttered interior is more hygienic for traveling with seniors and children and provides more space for essential needs on the road.

Emergency Kit

Put together an emergency kit to take with you during your travels. This kit can contain such supplies as jumper cables, first aid kit, ice scraper, flashlight, phone charger, flares, and other emergency supplies. Don’t forget to bring extra water, blankets, and snacks in case you have to wait for help after getting stranded by the side of the road.

Upgrade Auto Insurance

The combination of increased traffic and icy roads puts holiday drivers at greater risk of accidents in Illinois. Upgrading your liability, collision and comprehensive auto insurance coverage can help compensate for these risks. For a customized auto policy that offers optimal coverage for the holidays, contact Bob Korvas Agency Inc. in Niles, IL.