How Much Motorcycle Coverage Do I Need?

When it comes to your motorcycle, you have a minimum amount of coverage you need to hit to be legal on the road in Niles, IL. But the question of how much coverage you need goes beyond that of your legal requirements. Bob Korvas Agency Inc. wants you to know more about the types of coverage you can buy, so you’re likely to make the right decision. 

Core Coverage Options 

If you own your motorcycle, it may be tempting to get liability coverage only, which is usually the least expensive policy you can get. With liability, your motorcycle isn’t covered in the case you cause an accident. Your policy will pay out for damage or injuries if you are at fault for other people, but it cuts off the coverage there.

If you buy collision insurance, your motorcycle will be covered in the event of an accident though. If you buy comprehensive, you’re covered for everything already mentioned plus compensation if your bike is stolen. Comprehensive will also cover damages if you hit an animal as well. 

 What Do You Need?

For some people, they may be willing to take their chances with liability only, especially if the motorcycle is older. However, if you value your motorcycle, you may want to have more extensive coverage. You should also consider what will happen in case you’re hit by an underinsured or uninsured driver. If someone else causes the damage to your vehicle but can’t pay for it with their insurance coverage, you’re still responsible for the damages (both for bodily injury and property damage). 

Bob Korvas Agency Inc. wants the people of Niles, IL to have all the coverage they need for their motorcycles. If you want to learn more about your coverage options, call today!