Does Your Commercial Insurance Policy Reflect the Current Value of Your Business?

Commercial insurance policies need to be reviewed on a regular basis, but unfortunately, this task is one that often slips through the cracks. When you start your business and reviewed your assets with your insurance provider your coverage was likely determined at that value level. As your business has grown, it has likely increased in value. Now is a good time to make sure that your insurance coverage has kept pace with the value of your business. The team at Bob Korvas Agency Inc. can work with you to review your current coverage and ensure that it is at the appropriate level to protect your Niles, IL area business. 

Commercial insurance needs change with time

The level of insurance that may have been appropriate a year or two ago may not be the right amount of coverage to meet your current needs. As your business grows, it is important to make sure that your insurance coverage grows with it. Whether you need more or less coverage, a regular review of your commercial insurance policy is a good idea. Equipment that depreciates will change the valuation of your business but the cost of replacement may not be accurately reflected in your coverage. The same holds true for fluctuations in property and land that are not always considered when determining the correct level of insurance coverage. Anyone is concerned about protecting their business as well as their own personal assets owes it to themselves to make sure that their policy provides sufficient commercial coverage.

Are you ready to review your comprehensive commercial policy to make sure that it provides the level of protection necessary to protect your Niles, IL area business? Contact the helpful team at Bob Korvas Agency Inc.