Does Illinois Require You To Have Health Insurance?

Wherever you stand on the Affordable Care Act, the tax penalty for going without insurance has been one of its most controversial features. Many have been relieved to learn that, in Illinois, these penalties are being phased out in 2019. Those who were filing taxes in April of 2019 may have found that they did have to pay a penalty for not carrying health insurance in 2018, but those filing in 2020 will not have to pay that penalty if they live in Niles, IL.

Of course, it’s a good idea to carry insurance whether or not it is required in your state. The costs associated with a sudden illness or injury can eat up your life savings more quickly than you might realize, and simply being able to go into the doctor’s office for regular check-ups can go a long way towards ensuring that you don’t suffer those illnesses in the first place, or at least catch them early on when they are most easily treated.

That is to say that, in Illinois, health insurance is not a legal requirement, but you could argue that it is a personal requirement. To ensure a higher quality of life and good health, health insurance is an absolute must. You can always buy another car or rebuild your home in the event of a serious storm, but we’re only given one body.

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Will Dental Insurance Cover Clear Aligners?

Clear-aligners have become a popular alternative to braces. Though not as effective for severe crowding, they have proven a handy solution to mild crowding, while being aesthetically less distracting than conventional braces, and able to be taken out when necessary.

Because these devices need to be custom-made, they can be quite expensive, meaning that most patients would much rather have the cost covered by their insurance than out of their own pocket. But will your dental insurance cover them?

Typically, a dental plan will cover a portion of the cost of clear-aligners. The cost of a clear-aligner will vary from one brand to another, and the same goes for the dollar amount an insurer will cover on the cost. Typically you can expect an insurance provider to cover anywhere from one third to one half the cost of a clear-aligner.

This often goes for braces and other corrective measures, as well. Most insurance plans offer limited coverage for orthodontic work for adult patients. However, having insurance in place can make a big difference in what an individual will pay out of pocket. Having a good dental plan in place can mean getting significant discounts on costly procedures. Traditional braces tend to be less expensive than clear-aligners, and this is often the deciding factor for people in need of orthodontic work.

If you’re looking to get covered in Niles IL, get in touch with Bob Korvas Agency Inc. Whether you need to be covered for basic check-ups and cleanings, or you need more extensive work done, you’re going to wind up spending less at the dentist if you have the right coverage.