3 Tips to Protect Your Motorcycle From the Elements

Being in the Chicago area, Niles, IL, is as good a place to enjoy riding a motorcycle like any other. The bike offers freedoms that can’t be matched by cars, but that freedom comes with a risk. Chicago weather gets rougher than a lot of other areas. You want to protect your beloved motorcycle from the elements, so Bob Korvas Agency Inc. has a few simple tips that will keep your bike in top shape.

Cover It

Sure, it’s obvious, but a frustrating number of riders don’t have a cover with them at all times. Covers are made to fit in most saddlebags, and they’re incredibly convenient. Wherever you go, the protection goes with you, and they more than handle the majority of bad weather. Most importantly, a good cover defends against the harshness of the sun.

Store It

As great as your motorcycle cover is, it shouldn’t be the only line of defense. Covered parking is your best friend whenever available. If you have a riding off-season, then protected storage is even more important. Long sits in changing weather can produce all kinds of ill effects on a combustion engine. If a bike sits outside long enough, a bad enough storm is bound to test the limits of your foldable cover. It’s amazing how often people suffer damage to their motorcycles because they didn’t find a roof for it.

Insure It

In Niles, IL, you only need liability coverage for your bike. If you want to protect it, you should probably consider investing in additional insurance. Contact your Bob Korvas Agency Inc. representative today. They’ll help you browse insurance options to find the right fit that protects your beloved motorcycle and doesn’t tank your retirement plan.

If You Have Professional Liability Insurance, Do You Also Need Umbrella Insurance?

Professional liability insurance is a “must-have” for most professionals. It goes by different names. It is called malpractice insurance for those in the healthcare and legal professions. It is called errors and omissions (E&O) insurance in the financial services sector.

Just about anyone who needs to maintain a professional license under state law, needs to have professional liability insurance. Even if you have professional liability insurance, it may not be enough, on its own, to protect you from the risks. That is why also having umbrella insurance is a wise choice.

Umbrella Insurance Benefits

Umbrella insurance enhances the coverage of underlying professional liability insurance and perhaps other insurance policies as well.

Here is the way umbrella insurance works. If there is a claim that exceeds the limit of an underlying policy, such as the limit of a professional liability insurance policy, the umbrella insurance pays the excessive portion of the claim. After the primary insurance limit is exhausted, umbrella insurance pays covered claims up to the limit of the umbrella policy.

For example, if a doctor has professional liability (malpractice) insurance that has a $1 million limit and there is a settled, covered claim for $3 million. The first portion of $1 million is paid on the claim from the professional liability policy and the remaining balance of $2 million is paid under the umbrella insurance policy.

Another benefit is that umbrella insurance may protect the insured person from things that are not covered in other insurance policies. For example, these might be a defamation lawsuit or a case regarding sexual harassment in the workplace. Umbrella insurance may also cover the legal expenses incurred in fighting a lawsuit. Ask your agent to be sure about specific coverage.

Umbrella insurance can be tailored to fit particular needs. Consult with your agent at Bob Korvas Agency Inc. serving Niles, IL and the surrounding area to discuss your circumstances.


Professional liability insurance and umbrella insurance are usually used together, to provide adequate protection from more risks. To get a quote for umbrella insurance, talk to your agent at Bob Korvas Agency Inc. in Niles, IL by calling 847-470-8830.