Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

If you live and own a motorcycle in the Niles, IL area, you know the importance of motorcycle maintenance for safety and to keep your bike running for many miles to come.  The most challenging part of motorcycle maintenance is knowing what to check and when.  The owner’s manual will provide you with a specific maintenance schedule, but to keep your bike running optimally regular checks in between will help spot warning signs of significant issues.

A Basic Check Includes:

  • Monitoring fluid levels – engine and transmission oil, clutch and brake fluids to top off or for signs of leaks
  • Lights and horn operation
  • Tire condition – tread wear and pressure, low pressure can lead to poor handling
  • Be sure the chain is lubricated and correctly adjusted
  • Control operation – clutch and brake levers, gear shift, switches, and mirrors so they are all adjusted as needed and comfortable to use
  • Adjust mirrors to reduce blind spots and provide the rider with the optimal field of vision to both the sides and the rear
  • Check any luggage racks, top-box, bags or panniers to make sure they are secure and not rubbing on any of the bike’s moving parts.

As your motorcycle ages, it may need extra repairs at maintenance time.  Be sure any items requiring repair or attention are taken care of sooner rather than later to keep your bike running properly and your rides safe.

Bob Korvas Agency Inc.

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Protecting yourself from big judgments

Most people have liability insurance on their home and automobile, but these are usually limited in the amount they will pay. An umbrella policy will cover you for anything that goes over those limits. If you had a major catastrophe, the damages could get into the millions and that could wipe out your savings and leave you in debt. The Bob Korvas Agency Inc. in Niles, IL suggests having an umbrella policy especially if you have a lot of assets to protect. 

There are huge judgments awarded against corporations at times. The Liebeck vs. McDonald’s is a famous case where a woman sued and was awarded $2.7 million because she was burned by hot coffee.  In 2017 an Alabama man was awarded $7.5 million after taking a bad fall at Walmart. A Pennsylvania man was awarded $4 million after an injury left him blind at a local business. In another case, a student in Pennsylvania was awarded $11 million after a fall left her paralyzed.

Automobile accidents can also get very costly. The most expensive car wreck in history was in 2011 in Japan, where a 14-car pile up caused $3.85 million.

 You may never face a lawsuit for that much, but even a judgment of a few hundred thousand dollars would wipe out many people’s life savings. You could get in a car accident and easily have more than the liability your insurance will cover. An umbrella policy would protect you in those cases.

These types of losses are rare so the policy does not cost much. Contact the Bob Korvas Agency Inc. in Niles, IL today to make sure you are covered. Protect yourself and your assets from catastrophic losses. Contact us by phone or online to get more information about umbrella insurance policies.