What Are Professional Disputes and How Do They Relate to Commercial Insurance?

A professional dispute typically refers to a conflict between a commercial business owner and their customer. They definitely fall under the worst-case scenario, but they’re worth understanding when it comes to your liability protection under your commercial insurance. Bob Korvas Agency Inc. wants the people of Niles, IL to learn more about them so they can keep their livelihoods going no matter what. 

What Is a Professional Dispute?

A professional dispute refers to a mistake a business owner makes with lasting consequences. While a client can technically sue for anything, most judges will only consider ones with real merits. So if you make wedding cakes for a living and accidentally give the wrong cake to someone, this may not be anything but an inconvenience for the couple. However, if you accidentally give a strawberry cake to a couple where one is allergic to strawberries, then you may have a major lawsuit on your hands. 

How You Can Protect Yourself 

Between court fees, settlement costs, and lawyer fees, it’s worth taking another look at your liability coverage. The more you understand how far your limits go, the more likely you are to prepare for them. If you have any questions about your current commercial coverage and the recommended amount of coverage, give Bob Korvas Agency Inc. a call. We’re here for the business owners in Niles, IL who want to keep doing what they do. 

Everyone makes mistakes when it comes to their work and their life, but a mistake doesn’t have to cripple you when you have the right coverage. Let our insurance agency give you a quote, so you can take better steps if something does go wrong when you’re on the job. 


Review Your RV Insurance before Hitting the Road

With springtime fast approaching, RV owners in and around Niles, IL have started to plan their summer adventures. Whether you plan to take your RV to a favorite camping site along the Great Lakes or hope to see some of the magnificent parks in the West, this is the time to prepare your RV for your travels.

In addition to contacting the Bob Korvas Agency Inc. to make sure your RV insurance is up-to-date, here are some things you should do before taking your RV on a trip:

RV Interior

  • On a clear and sunny day when pollen levels are relatively low, open the windows and doors to circulate fresh air
  • Perform a thorough cleaning throughout the cabin and living spaces, checking for any burned-out bulbs or other items that require attention
  • Check to make sure you have proper safety equipment (first aid kit, fire extinguisher, road hazard kit)

RV Exterior

  • Wash the outside of the RV, noting any areas with mildew, mold, dirt or grime on the frame or accessories
  • Inspect tires, vents, windows, doors, and the roof to assure that there are no cracks in seals or other areas where leaking may occur
  • Lubricate any squeaky doors and make sure that all locks work properly
  • Carefully inspect the propane system

Electrical and Mechanical

  • Carefully check your batteries, terminals, wiring, and cables, making sure that you notice any corrosion or damage
  • Carefully look under and around the engine for any nests or other accumulations of leaves and twigs left by rodents or other small animals
  • Check the water heater, making sure that the element is off prior to turning on the power
  • Flush out the water storage system and pipes

The Bob Korvas Agency Inc. in Niles, IL ensures RVs. Come visit us today to learn how we can protect your home on wheels.