Can I get dental insurance even if I have my health insurance somewhere else?

Because of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), there are relatively new rules and policies about different kinds of health care insurance. These can be confusing, especially because the market has become more open to individuals searching for their own health care policies.

If you are in Niles, IL, you may have purchased a private health insurance policy through Bob Korvas Agency Inc.  or you may have gotten insurance through your employer. You may still not have dental insurance, though. While the law doesn’t require you to carry dental insurance the way it requires health insurance, dental insurance is important because it helps cover cleaning and maintenance, and helps individuals maintain healthy oral habits. 

There are two ways an individual can obtain dental insurance: You can either add a dental insurance policy to your health care policy when you sign up, or you can sign up for dental insurance by itself as a separate policy.

If you choose to purchase dental insurance with a health insurance policy, you will need to sign up for them at the same time. If you already have health insurance, you will need to wait until you have open enrollment to change your choices. There are some exceptions for when people are allowed to change their health care choices other than the open enrollment period, such as if you have changed jobs or lost your other health insurance.

On the other hand, if you purchase dental insurance as a separate policy, you can sign up at any time of year. Your policy will not depend on your health insurance policy, and the beginning and ending coverage dates will not need to match. If you are in Niles, IL and would like to discuss dental insurance, please call Bob Korvas Agency Inc. today.


Dental Emergencies Cost Much More than Prevention

Many people do not think much about their dental health until it becomes a problem. However once a problem arises, it is often a life halting issue of serious pain and infection. This pain and infection will cause a dental issue to become an emergency, and cost you significantly more than if preventative medicine was practiced. Dental insurance insures more than your teeth and gums it is a way to save thousands by preventing a costly emergency. Bob Korvas agency Inc. serves Niles, IL and surrounding areas with insurance to keep those emergencies at bay. 

The most common way to fix a serious tooth ache is a root canal. The average cost of a root canal in Illinois ranges from $700 to $1400 depending on the location of the tooth effected. In comparison, a simple filling before the tooth turns into an infection is on average between $140 to $170 per tooth. This is significant savings but can be taken even further if the teeth are properly cleaned and and kept up as needed the average cost for twice yearly whole mouth cleanings range between $75 and $200. These cleanings can prevent the need for the more costly fillings and will prevent the need for problems to advance to the stage of root canal emergencies. 

It is clear that preventative dental appointments can save you significantly from pain and excess dental bills. Basic dental insurance will make keeping your dental health a priority easy and keep the stress of the cost and pain of a dental emergency out of your life 

Contact us at Bob Korvas Agency Inc. to start your year off with assurance of a healthy and pain free future in Niles, IL and the surrounding areas. You have more to save with dental insurance than money, you can prevent pain, infections, and appointments as emergencies