When Can You Claim Your Jetski Insurance?

Gliding across the water on your Jetski is fun. You get soaked by the water spray and feel the cool breeze under the blazing summer sun. But, have you ever thought about what might happen when the waters get choppy, and the most unthinkable thing occur? Bob Korvas Agency Inc. Jetski insurance covers you, and you Jetski in Niles, IL. We protect your investment in case your watercraft is damaged or destroyed in an accident or theft. Our Jetski insurance also protects you against liability claims if you cause harm to another person or their property. So when should you file a claim for your Jetski insurance coverage?

When You are Involved in An Accident

If an accident occurs and you have the appropriate Jetski coverage, you can contact Bob Korvas Agency Inc. For example, let us assume that you have a two-person Jetski and both you and your friend are injured in an accident caused by another Jetski driver and your watercraft undergoes severe damage. In this case, you can file a Jetski insurance claim for the replacement of your watercraft and your medical costs.

In another case, let us assume that an accident occurs and you are the one at fault.  Depending on how severe the accident is, the other party can file a liability claim with your insurance provider in Niles, IL. The insurance company will assess the situation and pay the claimant’s bodily injury costs, and property damage costs and the insurance will still cover your legal expenses if the matter is settled through a court case. You can also file a claim when your Jetski is stolen or damaged through an accident that you are involved alone.

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How Umbrella Insurance Works

It’s truly a wonderful thing to see all your hard work start to pay off. With more money comes more comfort and less stress, and it can be the key to spending more time with the people you love. But with increased assets come increased risks that you may eventually lose them due to a catastrophe. You may already have excellent insurance for your home, car, or investment properties. But umbrella insurance can take this protection one step forward in the case of a liability mishap. Bob Korvas Agency Inc. wants to help the people of Niles, IL learn more about this special policy. 

Mistakes and Allegations 

Whether it’s a CEO accused of embezzlement or a homeowner who forgot to salt their driveway, it’s not unusual to face liability lawsuits or accusations during your lifetime. This is especially true if someone has a high-profile career, which is exactly why umbrella insurance exists. Your current insurance has certain limits that you may meet faster than you think. A $500,000 limit may seem enormous — that is until the mailman claims he has a chronic back injury because your walkway wasn’t safe for him to walk upon.

If you’re held liable for this claim, you may be ordered to pay for all impending medical bills. Umbrella insurance is the catch-all for all those extra charges, so you don’t have to pay for them out-of-pocket. 

Finding Help 

Bob Korvas Agency Inc. has been helping people find the right level of insurance for them, and we can do it for you too. If you live in Niles, IL, we want to hear from you! We make it easy to choose a policy that will protect you through thick and thin, and the best part is that it can be more affordable than you think! Call us today for a quote!