What are Some Differences Between Auto and RV Insurance?

RV insurance has some similarities with automobile insurance, but it is also very distinct as well. The very first way the two types of insurance differ is in determining if you even need RV insurance at all. Niles, IL residents and those who live in Arizona, and Wisconsin do not need to purchase insurance for pop-up trailers, fifth wheels, and travel trailers, as these can be towed and are not able to run on their own power. Even so, RV insurance is encouraged, because these items can still suffer loss as the result of a storm, burglary, or vandalism, and your lender will usually require it as well. 

RV Insurance Carries Different Specifications

Your RV is a vehicle, but it is basically also a home you can live out of for various periods of time. Unlike car insurance, your RV coverage will take into consideration the size of your RV, and this is categorized into classes. Class A can be as long as 75 feet, and these include luxury coaches, buses that have been converted, and motor coaches. Class B describes travel trailers and camper vans, and Class C is for smaller vehicles, including fifth wheels and those where the camper extends over the cab.

You can, like with automobile insurance, obtain liability, comprehensive, collision, underinsured and uninsured motorist protection, but unlike with car insurance, you can also purchase coverage to protect your RV at campsites and while on vacation. You can obtain full-timer coverage if you live in your RV permanently, and you can buy protection to provide towing and other emergency services. 

Bob Korvas Agency Inc. Provides Experienced and Knowledgeable Service

The Bob Korvas Agency has served the residents surrounding the area of Niles, IL and can also write policies for RV owners in Arizona and Wisconsin. Contact us today, and speak to one of our friendly agents about how we can meet all your RV insurance needs!

Stay in Business When Construction Shuts You Down with Commercial Insurance

It happens to every business that is centrally located on a busy street.  At some point, major construction is needed to restore and maintain the roads you use to get your deliveries out on time and to welcome in customers.  When the construction trucks start arriving and block access to your Niles, IL business, a commercial insurance policy from Bob Korvas Agency Inc. can help you survive unexpected shutdowns that are not of your making.

Pay Your Vendors on Time

With contingent business interruption coverage, when your suppliers can’t get to your door, or you can’t get to them due to loss of infrastructure, you can still make sure that your business relationships remain in good standing during construction. Your commercial insurance will work with you to ensure that operational expenses are covered, even when regular income has stopped coming in the door. 

Provide Alternate Routes to Ensure Access

You will need to place signage directing deliveries to use a different entrance or road.  All those extra costs associated with the interruption to your business should not sit on your shoulders. A good commercial policy will work with you to recoup losses by coordinating expenses with the company that is causing the problem.

Take Advantage of Downtime with Needed Upgrades or Maintenance

While the roads around Niles, IL are blocked off, preventing your company from operating normally, it can be a good time to complete needed upgrades to equipment, computer systems or even updating your reception area. Don’t forget to contact your agent at Bob Krovas Agency Inc. to ensure that your commercial insurance is upgraded at the same time to protect those latest capital investments. 

Should you have any questions about how you can better protect your business from loss of income during uncertain times, don’t hesitate to call your agent at Bob Krovas Agency Inc. today.