How Will A DUI Affect Your Motorcycle Insurance in Niles, IL?

The agents of Bob Korvas Agency Inc. serves residents who live in and around the Niles, IL area. Each agent is knowledgeable about all of the policies the company sells, especially motorcycle and auto insurance coverage. A DUI can have a dramatic effect on your premiums and may even prevent you from getting coverage in the future. You need to work with an insurance agent that can answer all of your questions and make sure you have the amount of coverage you need for both your car and your motorcycle. 

A DUI and Your Premium

When you receive a DUI, one of the first things that will happen is your motorcycle insurance premium will go up. Anytime you receive a ticket or citation, your policy will be adjusted. A DUI adds further consequence though. You may lose your license for a specific period of time depending on how many DUI’s you’ve had. Even though your license is suspended, you must still continue to pay for your policy to make sure there are no lapses.

How It Will Affect Your Policy

Because of the seriousness of a DUI charge, many insurance companies will consider you "high-risk". This normally means your insurance premiums will increase, but depending on the circumstances, it could also mean the cancellation of your policy altogether. 

Getting a DUI is a costly experience. Not only will you have to pay court costs and attorney fees, there are other expenses you will have to worry about. If you live in Niles, IL, call the agents of Bob Korvas Agency Inc. to find out how a DUI will affect your policy and the premiums you pay to secure your coverage. Don’t risk driving without insurance. Make sure you have a motorcycle policy in place that provides the coverage you need. 

Importance of insuring your business

When it comes to business insurances, most small and medium enterprises tend not to invest in this area mainly because they are cash strapped, but others simply because they do not want to. That poses a grave threat to the business, especially with unemployment and disability policies. If you run a manufacturing firm, you ought to think about securing a safety system as well. In the case of any serious ramifications, you can always count on the plan to help in securing your property. It is therefore advised to also seek out the best insurance company, with a proven track record that can assist you through the process.

When deciding to choose an insurance company to help you select a cover for your business in Niles, IL, you could always pop in at Bob Korvas Agency Inc. They have been around quite a while and have helped a lot of folks get the maximum value of their homes.

If you are servicing a loan pegged on your business, then you should consider getting it insured. There are a couple of things you should evaluate when selecting a coverage, and the most important one involves assessing the kind of risks your business is exposed to. They may range from theft, fires to weather conditions and accidents. Think about what might affect your business, and get an insurance cover against it.

Selecting the ideal coverage for your business has never been easy, that is why you should enroll the services of a reputable and licensed agent to help you choose the best cover and break down the claim process. If you want to take control of the future of your business, get a business cover today.  simply visit us at Bob Korvas Agency Inc. and let us boost your business performance and confidence. We are ready when you are!