What Does Jet Ski Insurance Typically Cover?

Jet skiing is one of the most thrilling water sports out there, and it’s a great pastime for friends and family. With that being said, the fun of jet skiing hinges on a certain level of responsibility. It is essential that you have the proper insurance for your jet ski.

What does jet ski insurance in Niles, IL typically cover? It all depends on your personal plan, and you’ll need to discuss your coverage options directly with a reputable insurance agent to get the specific details. But in general, these are the coverage options that you’ll want to consider if you own your own jet ski.

• All Risk Coverage

This type of coverage will protect your jet ski from physical damage. For the most part, this will include protection for collisions, theft, fire, storms, auto accidents, glass, and more.

• Roadside and Towing Assistance

Naturally, getting your jet ski from one place to another requires towing it with your car. And this means that you may want to consider roadside and towing assistance coverage while you’re on the road with your jet ski.

• Medical

Many jet ski owners opt for medical coverage for injuries up to a certain amount as well.

• Replacement

Finally, many of those who have jet skis get replacement cost coverage. This usually covers the cost of replacement if a serious total loss to occur in the first one to two years of owning the vehicle. Again, this depends on plan specifics.

Finding Jet Ski Insurance Coverage at Bob Korvas Agency Inc.

Niles, IL residents who own jet skis can discuss their coverage options and purchase a plan with an agent from Bob Korvas Agency Inc. We offer all types of coverage for jet skis and other personal watercrafts, and we’d be happy to talk with you about your insurance options. Give us a call or visit our nearest location to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you!

What Can Be Included in an Umbrella Policy In Niles, IL?

If you live in or near the Niles, IL area and have questions about insurance questions about umbrella policies, you can call the agents of Bob Korvas Agency Inc. They have several years of experience and will be able to explain what an umbrella policy covers, when it is used, and what the common payout amounts are.

Over and Above Normal Limits

Certain situations may require an increase in the amount of coverage you normally carry. The payout for an umbrella policy can be much higher than a normal policy and will cover many things that a regular policy won’t. It can cover damages that may be deemed "catastrophic" or it can be used to fill in the gaps of an existing policy.

Protection From Lawsuits

With today’s trend of filing a lawsuit for even a slight offense, you may be better off purchasing an umbrella policy, especially if you live an unconventional lifestyle, are very well known, or have a job that makes you extremely wealthy. An umbrella policy is designed to protect you from substantial financial loss if a lawsuit is filed against you for any reason.

Non-Physical Injury

An umbrella policy can also protect you from lawsuits involving non-physical injuries. Both libel and slander are types of "injuries" that don’t have anything to do with physical harm. Instead, if you have libeled or slandered someone, you have caused them irreparable damage by saying something about them that wasn’t true or that you have tried to damage their character. 

At Bob Korvas Agency Inc., the agents can help you identify when specific situations when having an umbrella policy may be in your best interest. An umbrella policy can provide you with the type of coverage you need if you believe you are exceeding your current policy’s limits.