Life Insurance, not Just for Parents and Elderly

Many people within a certain age group do not bother to purchase life insurance, even though they keep their car, home, and healthfully covered. The main demographic that does purchase life insurance are parents and the elderly. Parents because they want to know that their children will have money to survive and bury them if needed, and elderly often for similar reasons. Life insurance can be very useful to people no matter the status of their dependents though, even if it may not seem so on the surface. At Bob Korvas Agency Inc. we want you to have peace of mind and full coverage for all aspects of your life. 

Life insurance is a sum of money that is used upon the insured death to help with burial expenses and often to leave dependents with a nest egg. Even people without dependents can die, and when these people die there are expenses that must be paid. To ensure that you are not leaving the burden of your funeral on your parents or friends a small policy can bring you peace of mind just in case. 

Life insurance is also a way to make sure that your exact wishes are carried out upon your demise. For example, if you are paying for your own funeral and have the plans set in place no one else can step up and take over in a way you would not wish. It goes beyond the burial as well. For example, if you owe a debt your life insurance policy can cover it and your assets are free to go where you planned. If you owe money sometimes serious debt can surpass your will, with litigation. 

Life insurance eases the burden of an early death and allows you to have more control of your assets after death. Granted life insurance may be more required for parents and the elderly, it is still very useful for young adults. Contact us at Bob Korvas Agency Inc. for insurance quotes in and around Niles, IL.

The Top 3 Reasons Casualty Insurance Is Integral to Protecting Your Business

Part of being an entrepreneur and business owner is accepting that some risks just come with the territory. But certain risks can end your business entirely if not carefully prepared for. And in these situations, if you live in Niles, IL, it’s best to put the risk in the hands of a trustworthy insurance agency like Bob Korvas Agency Inc.

About casualty insurance

Casualty insurance is also known as liability insurance, meaning it protects against negligence lawsuits that may be filed against you by employees, customers, or the public. It also insures against loss or damage of property due to a direct accident as well. It does not include coverage for loss or damage of property due to an event like a burglary or theft. That’s property insurance.

The top reasons your business needs casualty insurance

• You’ll have vehicle insurance.

In addition to your actual property, casualty insurance will protect your company’s vehicles as well. In the event of a serious auto accident, your car, truck, or motorcycle will be protected.

• You’re protected in the event of a flood.

Many areas of the country deal with flooding that can ruin your property entirely. Casualty insurance includes coverage for floods.

• You’re protected from negligence charges.

Everyone makes mistakes, but even some small mistakes can cost you your entire business if you’re not covered. For example, if you were to leave ice in front of your building for just a minute too long in the winter and someone slipped, they might be able to sue you for negligence. With casualty insurance, you’re protected.

How to obtain casualty insurance

If you are interested in protecting your business, consider Bob Korvas Agency Inc. for all your casualty insurance needs. We service Niles, IL and surrounding areas. Our casualty insurance can cover your business for negligence and protect your business from lawsuits that claim your business was at fault for an injury or death. We can also offer you coverage for property loss or damage that occurred because of an accident.

Contact us today for more information and to discuss your casualty insurance options.