Residential Noise Pollution: Have We Silently Learned To Live Without Silence?

What is Noise Pollution?

The agents and staff at the Bob Korvas Agency Inc. are glad you asked. There is no easy definition of noise pollution because it changes to each’s discernment.

What is noise to one can be soothing sounds to another? Pollution is when something becomes an irritant. With waste products that infiltrate our air, water or environment it much easier to classify and define. Noise, however, is not a tangible object.

On a spring day, a couple of neighborhood kids playing basketball at a corner home in the culde-sac and the noise that event elicits can be categorized as noise pollution to someone who doesn’t want to hear children playing. Birds chirping in the trees can be noise pollution to someone who is irritated by the sounds of spring. 

Though it is not easily defined doesn’t mean that attempts have not been made by authorities in Niles, IL and all over the country. There are ordinances in place to define noise pollution. There are categories and decibel levels that must be reached before the police can be called in to have your neighbor turn down the music at their barbecue.

Consideration is key to living peaceably with your neighbors. In addition to considering your neighbor’s circumstances surrounding their noise contribution, communication is critical to that consideration. 

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How Does an Auto Accident Affect your Insurance Premiums?

There are a wide range of things that can happen from day to day that will affect your insurance premiums. One thing that majorly affects your premiums is an accident. So how does it affect your policy and your premiums? Keep reading to find out.

For those that live in the Niles, IL area, the agents with Bob Korvas Agency Inc. can provide even more information. For those that want a brief overview, accidents often raise premiums dependent on how bad they are and how much money the insurance agency has to pay out to resolve the claim. For those accidents that are little more than fender benders, your premium may never go up.

For major accidents where the insurance agency is required to pay out a substantial amount of money, your policy is likely to rise as are your premiums each month. In some cases, if the accident is bad enough, the agency might decide that you are too high risk and drop your coverage altogether. In these cases, it is generally going to be a very bad accident that results in major injury or death, either that or the driver is at fault because they are not driving safely or they are under the influence.

It takes a great deal to get an insurance agency to drop coverage but it can be done. In these cases, it is important that you take the time to find the right company when you need insurance again because accidents stay on your record for years and can continue to affect your premiums from one agency to the next. For those in the Niles, IL area, the agents with Bob Korvas Agency Inc. can help you find the right coverage even if you have had an accident.