Driveway Accidents: How to Minimize Accidents When Your Car Is Parked

Stranded At The Drive-In…

If you drive long enough, it will happen to you.  We at Bob Korvas Agency Inc. located in Niles, IL have too much road worthy experience to tell you otherwise. The day will come when you come out to your perfectly and legally parked vehicle, and you will find that it has been involved in an accident. It doesn’t matter if you have parked at your local grocery store or on the road with lots of fast traffic, it will happen. Let us tell you how to avoid being "stranded in the drive-in, branded a fool" like the star-crossed lover in the classic film Grease. 

We Wish It Were That Simple

Wish it were as simple as that scratch or nick you notice that someone had left when they absentmindedly opened the door at the mall. No, we are talking about the real deal – an accident. What could you do differently?  

  • If you are parking parallel to a curb turn your steering wheel toward the curb. In this way, if you are hit by another vehicle while you are parked your car will not go out into traffic. It happens.
  • Put on your emergency brake even if you are not parked on a hill. This takes a little wear off of your automatic braking system and makes your car more solidly stationary. 

Auto insurance is not our only bag here at Bob Korvas Agency Inc. serving the Niles, IL and surrounding areas we would love to introduce you to our entire line of insurance products. Please stop by our agency to learn more about staying stranded-free in every area of your insurance life or to get a quick quote on unbelievably affordable insurance protection.  


How To File a Claim if Your Home is Broken Into

Filing a claim when your home has been broken into is not entirely different from the process that you follow when your home is damaged and in need of repair. It is important that you know the basics of filing a claim in any event but especially in the case of a more common occurrence like a break in. For those in the Niles, IL area, the agents with Bob Korvas Agency Inc. can walk you through the step by step claims process. Until then, however, here is a brief look at what you need to do.

After your home has been secured by police and it is safe to go inside you will need to do a few things. First, take note of the damage that was done to enter the home. Was the door kicked in? Was a window broken? Was a screen cut? Or did the thief use other means to enter your home that leads to damage? This is going to be something that the insurance company is going to work to repair so that you can get back to living in the home. Locks will also need to be replaced in all likelihood.

After you survey the damaged caused when the thief gained entry, you want to look at what was stolen. Televisions, electronics, money, jewelry, guns, credit cards and more are often what thieves look for when they enter homes. Take the time to make a list of what was taken so you can claim it on your insurance. Next, you want to take note of any other damage that was done. Were mattresses cut open? Upholstery on the sofa cut up? Or was there any other notable damage? Your insurance company will cover both damage and stolen property. Your agent with Bob Korvas Agency Inc. in the Niles, IL area can help you fill out your claim and get back to living.