3 Tips for Driving in the Snow in Niles, IL

It’s winter time in the village of Niles, IL and with winter time comes lots of outdoor fun that involves snow, snow and more snow!  From sledding in Centennial Park on Western Avenue to Ice Staking in Millennium Park to building snowmen in the front yard, Niles, IL can feel like a winter wonderland.

Until you have to drive in the snow.  Then it can suddenly feel like a winter nightmare no matter how experienced a driver you may be.  First of all, being nervous is ok. That means you’re aware that there is more danger on the road during a snowfall than on a clear spring day.  And to help you get from Point A to Point B without any mishaps, we’ve complied a list of tips for driving in the snow in Niles, IL.  

1.  Slow Down

When it starts to snow and you need to be behind the wheel, be sure to observe the speed limit and stay at or under what is posted.  Because you can’t always predict what the road conditions will be like – icy and slippery, for example – you will want to have extra reaction time to slow down in case of an emergency.  

2. Avoid Distractions

Activities like talking on the phone, fidgeting with the radio controls, or reaching for something to drink are all distractions that should be avoided when you’re behind the wheel. When it’s snowing, however, it becomes even more important to minimize distractions since the chance of an accident increases in inclement weather.  

3.  Avoid Aggressive Drivers

There will always be people in a rush, even during a snowstorm.  If you observe a driver who is driving too fast or aggressively, keep your distance.  Move out of the lane to allow this kind of driver to pass and let them get far ahead of you to ensure your drive will remain safe.

Driving in the snow doesn’t have to be nerve wracking.  Simply follow the tips outlined above and be sure you have adequate auto insurance coverage through Bob Korvas Agency Inc. Sometimes accidents do happen, whether or not it happens to be snowing.  At Bob Korvas Agency Inc. we work with you to select the best auto insurance coverage available in Niles, IL so you can drive with confidence, even during a snowstorm.