Frequently Asked Questions About Garage Doors and Homeowners Insurance

A garage door is a part of your home. However, many people are unsure if their garage door is covered by homeowner’s insurance or not. Here at Bob Korvas Agency, Inc. in Niles, IL, we want to help educate you on the questions you may have about this topic. Here are two frequently asked questions about garage doors and homeowner’s insurance.

Are Garage Doors Covered By Homeowner’s Insurance?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question varies based on the situation. If your home catches on fire and the garage door is damaged and needs to be replaced, the garage door would be covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy. However, if the door was not properly maintained and needs to be replaced, or it has simply reached the end of its lifespan, it is not covered and you will need to pay to replace the door out of pocket.

If I Back Into My Garage Door, Do I File a Claim with Auto or Homeowner’s Insurance?

The number one reason why a garage door needs to be replaced is because someone pulled into the driveway too far or backed out and hit the garage door. When this happens, you will want to file a claim with your homeowner’s insurance, as most auto policies don’t pay for damage done to your own property. However, if someone else hit your garage door, they may be able to file a claim with their auto insurance company. Likewise, if you hit someone else’s garage door, you can file a claim with your auto insurance company.

While you are thinking about your homeowner’s insurance, now is a great time to re-evaluate your existing policy and ensure it still meets your needs and is fairly priced. Give Bob Korvas Agency Inc, serving the greater Niles, IL area, a call today for a free estimate or to have one of our professionals ensure your current policy meets your needs.


Why You Should Be Especially Sure You Have the Appropriate Auto Insurance Coverage in Niles, IL

If you live in Niles, IL, you should make sure that you know what types of insurance coverage you need. If you own a vehicle in the state of Illinois, you are required to purchase auto insurance coverage. In this state, it is particularly important that you are covered, as the state goes to extra measures to monitor whether or not you have auto insurance coverage.

If you do not meet the minimum requirements for auto insurance in the state of Illinois, you are more likely to be caught than in other states. The state of Illinois has a system of random questionnaires that are meant to verify the auto insurance status of drivers in the state so that insurance laws can be enforced. If you are randomly selected and receive a questionnaire, you will have to provide the name of your auto insurance carrier and your insurance policy number. If you are found to be without auto insurance, your license plates will end up being suspended. In addition, when you are stopped in traffic, your will have to provide proof of insurance just as is the case in other states. If you are not able to provide this proof of insurance during traffic stops, they will consider you to be an uninsured driver and may even give you a traffic citation. If you end up actually being convicted of driving without valid insurance coverage, you can be facing either suspension of your license plates or a hefty fine.

If you have questions about auto insurance coverage in Niles, IL, you should contact Bob Korvas Agency Inc for the answers that you are seeking. The agents at Bob Korvas Agency Inc have the experience and expertise to be able to tell you all that you need to know in order to be able to choose the right auto insurance policy for you.