Fall Home Checklist-Preparing Your Windows for Winter

For most homeowners in Niles, IL, preparing a fall home checklist often includes tasks to prepare for the upcoming winter, such as cleaning and storing lawn furniture, contacting Bob Korvas Agency Inc. to review policies and having the furnace inspected. However, one of the most common tasks many homeowners forget to include on their checklist is preparing their windows for the cold Illinois winter weather.

Clear and Caulk

Fall is the perfect time to take a walk around the interior and exterior perimeter of your home to inspect the windows. Make sure all sills are clean and clear from debris, such as dirt and leaves that can get caught in the windowsills and moving parts of the windows. Using a clean and dry paintbrush to sweep away dirt and debris will help to reduce the risk of a break in the seal. Heavy weather and extreme sunlight can create cracks in the sealant or caulk, which leads to drafts and leaks, so make sure to re-caulk each window, especially those with damaged seals.

Replace Old Windows

If you have older and/or broken windows, now is the perfect time to replace them. Single-pane glass and broken windows allow the heat to escape from your home, which leads to higher energy costs. Replacing windows with energy-efficient, double-pane glass versions will help you stay warm all winter as well as help you save money on your heating bill.

Weather stripping that is torn or damaged can let cold air in during the winter as well as let cool air out during the summer, so it should be replaced around all of the windows as well as the doors. Fall is also the best time to think about insulating the windows. There are several ways to add additional insulation to the windows, including window coverings which will create a barrier between the window and the indoor air and help to stop heat from leaking out.

When creating your fall checklist, keep in mind that this is the perfect time for the residents of Niles, IL to contact Bob Korvas Agency Inc. to review and/or update their current policies.

How Covered Are Your Commercial Vehicles and Drivers?

If you have any employees who drive as part of their job description, it is likely a good idea to upgrade to commercial insurance. Commercial insurance covers specifically the needs of a company vehicle, which can go well beyond the limitations of personal insurance. Even if you are not a huge company with a fleet of vehicles, and even if  your companies main description has little to do with the transportation or travel aspect, upgrading to commercial is still a good idea. 

Additionally, if you are self-employed and use your vehicle for work purposes, it is a good idea to discuss commercial insurance because depending on the time and circumstances of the vehicular incident you may not be as covered as you think under personal insurance. It is best to go with commercial if there is any doubt because discovering you are not covered like you expected can throw a new business into peril with extra expenses after an emergency. 

Choosing to upgrade to commercial insurance is just that, an upgrade. The difference in commercial and personal vehicle insurance is a wider range of additional coverage for the unique circumstances that arise with company vehicles. Even if you use your vehicle for both personal and work use, it is a good idea to upgrade because depending on the circumstances of the accident you may not be covered even if you have full personal coverage. 

Contact the Bob Korvas Agency Inc. for quotes on commercial insurance to protect your company and your employees in Niles, IL and the surrounding areas. We can answer any questions you have on the coverage your business needs and give you fair quotes fast.