Cleaning supply hacks you’ve never thought of

There are thousands of cleaning supplies on the market, and if you’re like most households, you probably own a couple dozen of them.  After discovering a product that doesn’t work, or simply discovering ones that you like better, it’s easy to collect a lot of half-full bottles.  Instead of throwing them out, try some of these off-label uses.


Unclog your air conditioner.  Pouring bleach through your condenser pipe will kill any bacteria living in this dark pipe and flush out any clogs.  Try to do this about once a year to prevent your pipes from freezing.

Kill bed bugs.  Make a mixture of equal parts bleach and water to kill and repel bedbugs. Be careful, though, this will bleach your mattresses.


Kill weeds.  Spray ammonia-based products onto the base of the plant you want to kill and wait a few days.  The product will burn the roots, causing the plant to die.  Only use this in areas where you don’t want anything new to grow since repeated use will eventually poison the soil.

Bug spray.  Ammonia will repel or kill bugs.  Spray them around entry points to your home to repel ants and other food-seeking insects.

Scouring Powder

Clean jewelry.  Cleansers such as Comet and Soft Scrub can remove tarnish from silver and pewter just as easily as they remove it from bathtubs and countertops.

Using up your old household cleaners will save you a few dollars, but if you’re looking for a way to save a lot of money, take a look at your homeowners insurance policy.  Call the agents at Bob Korvas Agency Inc. and have them look for any additional policy discounts.

When to update your insurance?

Your insurance policy is not locked in stone. It can fluctuate and change, base on what you need. Now, when living in Niles, IL, it is important for you to understand you can change the insurance policy when necessary. You just need to know when this is and what the best course of action is. At Bob Korvas Agency Inc.  we are here to assist you and make sure you know the best time to update your insurance policy.

Location Change

Have you moved recently? It doesn’t matter if it is across the street or across the country, you need to update your insurance policy. Not only can your new address affect your insurance costs, but you may find you need different policy add-ons as well. So, either before you move or right after, give us a call and we can make sure you receive the best insurance coverage possible. 

New Members of the Family

Were you recently married? If so, you need to include this with your insurance policy. Whether it is health insurance, home owner’s insurance or any other kind of insurance, different variations are at play here, so you need to keep it in mind. The same holds true if you recently had a child, adopted a child or even if someone is now living with you. All of this plays a role in your insurance. 

New Additions

Did you just install a new room onto the house? Maybe you renovated the kitchen so it finally matches what you’ve been hoping for. You want to insure these changes and additions, which means you need to let us know about it. Last thing you want is the home to sustain damage and yet the new renovations are not covered because you didn’t update your insurance policy.