Spring is the Perfect Time to Detail Your Car

After a long winter, spring is the perfect time to detail your vehicle. Driving through the roads of Niles, IL and the rest of the Midwest, all of the snow, ice and salt buildup on your vehicle not only detracts from the look of your vehicle but it can cause damage, such as premature rusting. At Bob Korvas Agency Inc. we want your vehicle to last as long as possible. That is why you need to take advantage of spring. The warmer weather makes it the perfect time to detail your car. 

Clean the Underside

Target the underside of your vehicle extensively. This is where rust is not only most likely to develop but also most likely to cause damage to your vehicle. Remove any and all dirt, grime and other debris once spring hits. Doing so helps cut down on the chance of your vehicle developing serious rust issues. 

Mind the Details

Don’t just wash every area of the car the same. Focus on the details of your vehicle. This can be the small indentation running in between panels. You also want to focus on the wheel well as this is an area most automatic car wishes miss. Dirt collects up in here and often remains for months and can develop rust. Focusing on these areas helps prevent the growth and expansion of rust. 

Don’t Miss the Wheels

Beyond the wheel wells, don’t miss the wheels. this is often the forgotten area of the vehicle when it comes to washing it, yet it is what comes into the most contact with moisture and salt. Clean off the wheels and scrub away any dirt. Both aluminum and steel wheels can deteriorate quickly when not receiving the necessary attention during the spring months. 

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Borrowing a car: Four myths and reality

Your friend asks to borrow your car for a few hours. Awhile later, your phone rings and your pal lets you know there’s been an accident.

After that feeling of dread subsides, you may be wondering what happens next. There are a lot of misconceptions about how insurance works when a borrowed car is in an accident.  These issues can be confusing, which is why having a talented independent insurance agent like those at the Bob Korvas Agency Inc. on your side is important.

Here are a four myths and reality about car borrowing and insurance.

Myth 1: The driver is responsible.

Insurance generally follows the car, not the driver. In the case of an accident, your insurance policy is responsible. If the damages are severe and exceed your policy limits, then the borrower’s insurance policy covers the difference.

Myth 2: My rates won’t go up because I wasn’t driving.

This is not usually the case. In an at-fault accident, the vehicle’s owner’s policy may increase. While you may not have been driving, it was your decision to let the car be used by someone else.

Myth 3: If the driver who borrowed by care gets a ticket, my insurance goes up.

This is actually good news for you. If the driver is issued a ticket while driving your car, it is his or her responsibility. Tickets stay with the licensed driver.

Myth 4: It’s OK if someone borrows my car for work.

Not necessarily. Your car is likely insured for personal use only. If someone uses your car for a ride sharing program or deliveries, you may not have sufficient coverage in the case of an accident.

Knowing what insurance you need for your car in different situations is important. The trained independent agents of the Bob Korvas Agency Inc., licensed in Arizona, Illinois, and Wisconsin, can help you determine the appropriate and affordable insurance coverage for you and your family..