5 Questions You Should Ask Your Broker About Commercial Insurance

When you are searching for commercial insurance in Niles, IL, you want to make sure that you are working with an independent insurance agent. There are all sorts of questions that you should ask your broker to ensure you have thought of all necessary coverage.

Is property insurance required?

This may or may not be necessary depending upon the type of property that you have. If you are renting property or you are using your home, there may be different options to explore that could save you money.

Can all insurance be purchased from the same company?

It is going to be easier for you if all of your commercial insurance comes from one company. This includes your liability insurance, commercial auto insurance, and more.

What is the recommended levels of coverage?

It is a good idea to depend upon the knowledge of the broker when it comes to determining just how much coverage you should have in the various areas of commercial insurance. This can help to protect your business so you don’t go bankrupt should something happen.

Do I have all of the coverage needed?

You may be surprised by just how much commercial insurance is available. Add-on forms of coverage may protect you in instances where your business has to close, as well as for fraud protection, data loss, and more.

Do I qualify for any discounts?

While you would like to hope that your broker will look out for discounts, the only way to know for sure is to ask. Different insurance companies offer different discounts and you may qualify for one that can save you a substantial amount on your monthly premiums.

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The Biggest Distractions Preventing You From Being a Safe Driver

Safe driving habits begin with a focused driver, aware of their surroundings and traffic around them. Distractions take away from a driver’s mindfulness and ability to react to conditions around them. While some distractions are unavoidable, there are several dangerous distractions a driver brings upon him or herself. At Bob Korvas Agency Inc. we want to make sure all drivers, no matter if they are in Niles, IL or anywhere else in the country, understand these potential distractions and how to avoid them. 

Cell Phone

This, by far, is the biggest distraction today. Multiple studies have indicated using a cell phone while driving as not only more dangerous than talking with other people inside of the vehicle, but as dangers as driving after consuming a few alcoholic beverages. It slows down reaction time, which can cause serious accidents. By simply putting the cell phone away, drivers instantly improve their safe driving habits. Many vehicles now come with hands free communication features, so drivers do not need to look at their phones to place a call or respond to a text. Keeping eyes on the road at all times is very important. 

Distracting Passengers

Distracting passengers come in many varieties. From friends who want to remain in constant conversation to children who seek out attention from their parents, distracting passengers can lead to accidents. Making sure a child is entertained throughout the drive is important, as they often do not comprehend the need to remain focused on the road. As for older passengers, a simple request to remain quiet or to converse with one another and not the driver can prove beneficial. 

Preparing While Driving

Whether running late for work or a big date, preparing makeup, straightening ties or combing hair is a big distraction. Even if it lasts for a few moments, it is still a distraction and should be discontinued.