Protect Your Passengers with These Vehicle Tools

Life is full of surprises. You really don’t know what the next turn might bring, and that is especially true while driving. It is next to impossible to know what other drivers are thinking and doing, which is why you need to remain cautious while driving. Bob Korvas Agency Inc. wants to make sure you are always safe, no matter the conditions or what happens to your vehicle. Accidents happen, but you can still protect the passengers in your vehicle. So, whether driving through Niles, IL or anywhere else in the country, make sure to keep everyone safe with these tools.


This tool should be on every car tool list. It is small and inexpensive, yet might be the difference between life and death. Electric windows are great, but unlike a hand crank window, when the power goes out the window doesn’t function. Should the car crash into water or the window not function due to a fire in the engine block, this small tool with a small amount of pressure can break any piece of window glass, saving your life and those in the car.

Tow Strap

In Niles, IL you know all about snow. You’ve probably also seen your fair share of cars in the ditch of a highway after a snowstorm. Even if the car is in perfect condition, you’ll need help pulling out. With the help of a tow strap, you can be pulled out without too much trouble.


You never know what kind of debris is on the road. Maybe a piece of rope, tow strap or other material becomes stuck to your vehicle. You need to cut it free so it doesn’t pull parts of your vehicle down, cause a lack of traction or other problems. So, having a fold-out knife on hand is important.

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Insurance Juggernaut or Personalized Service? You Decide

Technology has changed the landscape of commerce, and the days of localized service are largely behind us. Consumers can now shop online for everything from paper towels to shoes, and have those items delivered to their door in a matter of days. In many ways, these innovations bring positive changes to our lives, and make everyday transactions and necessities easier to manage. In some cases, however, there is simply nothing better than having personalized service that is customized to each consumer’s needs. Insurance provides an excellent example.

Consumers have a wide range of choices when shopping for insurance, including several massive corporations that offer coverage across the nation. These insurance juggernauts have huge marketing budgets, and a great deal of time and effort is put into convincing consumers that the only choice to be made is between several overarching options. In reality, however, there are still plenty of independent insurance agencies that offer the same levels of coverage, but with a personal touch.

Having a living, breathing human being that you can speak to face-to-face can be incredibly satisfying to many consumers. Being able to sit down and go through various coverage options gives our clients confidence that there is a trained professional overseeing the process, and that their business means something. Calling a toll free number, waiting on hold and then being processed into an insurance behemoth’s software just doesn’t impart that same confidence, and it never will.

Perhaps the most important benefit of working with an independent insurance agent comes when an issue arises. When an individual is faced with serious damage to health, life or property, having a personal touch makes a world of difference. When our clients are dealing with the aftermath of such an event, the people at Bob Korvas Agency Inc. are there to listen to their concerns and put their coverage to use to make things better. Independent insurance agents have a personal stake in the outcome, which is a component that an insurance juggernaut simply cannot match.