How Prepping For Winter Could Save You Money

As the official start date of winter draws near, more homeowners will be out trying to prepare for the coming cold. Over the past months, minor problems with a home may have developed, and these minor issues could become a major threat as snow and ice starts to fall around Niles, Illinois. To keep your family and wallet safe and secure from winter weather, follow these steps to prep your home for forthcoming snow and ice.

Create a Winter Emergency Kit

If a disaster occurs, you need to have an winter emergency kit ready. Your emergency kit should include food, water, medications, ice scrapers, hats, gloves, salt, sand, a flashlight, a weather radio, and batteries.

Check Your Furnace

When was the last time you checked your furnace? If your furnace fails, you could be stuck waiting days, if not weeks, for a repair. The amount of waiting time also depends on service availability in your area. For example, poor road conditions could limit the ability of a contractor to get to your home. Also, change your filter when dirty or every three months. This will help keep the furnace working efficiently.  

Clear Walkways

Cluttered stairways, walkways, and entryways can pose a major hazard when icy. Clear any debris or unnecessary items from the major walkways to and from, as well as within, your home. This will help visitors and your family members keep their footing, which may reduce home insurance claims for a personal injury.  

Drain Your Pipes

If you plan on leaving for a few days, drain the pipes in your home. As water freezes, the volume will expand, and your pipes may burst. This could result in a flooded home and hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in repairs. Simply shut-off your water supply, and open the lowest facet in your house to drain all water.

Repair Holes and Leaks in Home’s Exterior

If you have a poor roof, need to make minor repairs to siding, or patch up attic vents, you need to do this before winter weather arrives. The weight of ice and snow can diminish the durability of damaged home exteriors.

By taking action now, you can reduce the chances of suffering a loss to your home this winter. To learn more about available home insurance options and other ways you could save on your homeowner’s policy, contact an insurance agent, serving Niles, Illinois, at the Bob Korvas Agency Inc.


How Can Home Liability Insurance Protect You?

Home liability insurance has the ability to protect you significantly. Anyone who hurts themselves on your property, or gets injured in another way – such as through a dog bite, has the ability to hold you liable for their medical bills and other financial obligations.

You don’t want to pay for all of these things out-of-pocket because it can add up to a lot of money. It’s best to be able to file a claim with your homeowner’s insurance company and have them pay for these things.

Understanding more about home liability coverage within your policy can ensure you have the necessary protection. You can even add coverage by increasing limits. Below, the various aspects of home liability coverage are explored in detail.

Medical bills – When a person has a serious injury, they are going to encounter medical bills. Even if they have health insurance, you can be held liable for all of their expenses, which can go on for months.

Pain and suffering – A settlement could be established in court, where you have to pay a certain amount for their pain and suffering.

Lost wages – When a person is unable to work due to injuries, their lost wages could be your responsibility if you don’t have home liability coverage.

Death benefits – While you never want to think about the possibility of a fatality on your property, it could happen, and the coverage needs to be in place.

Legal expenses – There is a possibility of someone suing you over their injuries. This means that you will need a lawyer and home liability coverage can provide these legal expenses on your behalf.

Call us at Bob Korvas Agency Inc. today to learn more about home liability insurance. We can help to find a policy that will protect you and your home in Skokie.