Autumn Car Care Tips In Illinois

There are a variety of autumn car care tips that you will want to follow in Illinois. It can get very cold and road conditions can get very harsh towards the end of autumn as well as into winter. What you do now to care for your car can provide you with peace of mind later on.

Get your battery checked. This is critical because cold weather can be harsh on batteries. You want to ensure the connections are tight and corrosion free. If you cannot remember the last time you replaced your battery and it has been several years, it is advisable to replace it now.

Have your brakes inspected. The last thing you want is for your brakes to be unable to stop when you hit bad road conditions. The shop should check drums, rotors, and brake linings.

Schedule an HVAC inspection. This is when you will have your heating and ventilation system checked to ensure that everything is working properly. You want the heating for interior comfort and you want the ventilation to work properly to defrost your windshields. It may also be a good time for your air filter to be replaced inside the cabin.

Find out if your tires are in good condition. You may want to upgrade to special winter tires for better grip. You may also want to make sure that the tread depth is sufficient so that you don’t have to worry about sliding around on icy or snowy roads.

Bring your car into a local mechanic and find out if it’s in good condition for autumn so that you can make any necessary repairs now.

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