Six Quick Events That Can Lead to a Personal Injury Claim

Morton Grove, Illinois, in Cook County, is a friendly enough community. People have their friends and family over frequently. Neighborhood children play together and people work to keep their lawns mowed. Any of these situations can involve an incident in an instant that can make you glad you had appropriate homeowners insurance. We are specifically talking about a personally injury claim. Here are six quick events that can lead to a personal injury claim.

  1. A neighborhood child gets hurt playing on your trampoline or breaks a wrist on your backyard swing set.
  2. The guy who mows your lawn breaks an ankle in a hole in your yard while mowing your lawn. It causes him to lose weeks of work.
  3. A pizza delivery man trips on a loose or uneven piece of concrete, falling face first onto the concrete walkway to your front door.
  4. A friend who is over for a fun evening of watching sports, trips on a rug and ends up tumbling down your basement steps.
  5. Your normally family friendly dog gets out of the house while a package is being delivered and bites the delivery person.
  6. An uncle offers to help at your family cook out by grilling the burgers. The grill flares up giving him some pretty severe burns on his hands.

Not likely you say? How sure are you these types of events can’t occur? More importantly, how confident are you that you have sufficient liability coverage in case of a personal injury claim? If you live in the 60053 zip code we can help you. We are the Bob Korvas Agency, independent agents who will not only review your homeowners insurance, but find you affordable coverage if yours is inadequate. You can even get an online quote for your homeowners insurance and auto insurance. Visit our website for details.

Accidents can happen in an instant. Make sure you are prepared by contacting the Bob Korvas Agency.

Your Niles, Illinois Spring Home Checklist

You bet we’re ready for spring in Niles, Illinois, even if it comes with a long list of home maintenance projects. Here is a helpful list of maintenance tips to keep your home in tip-top condition.

  • Inspect your roof visually for any wind, ice or snow damage. If you are missing shingles or notice uneven areas, contact a roofer.
  • Keep your gutters and downspouts clear so water can properly drain away. Proper drainage protects your roof and your foundation.
  • Change HVAC filters and clear the area around your outdoor A/C unit. Make sure air can flow in and through it.
  • Clean and inspect your outdoor grill. Check hoses for cracks.
  • Clear your yard of any rocks, sticks or other debris from your yard before mowing.
  • Check your house foundation and your porch foundation looking for cracks or signs of sinking. Look for typical stair-step type cracking in cinderblocks and bricks.

Spring is also a good time to get a homeowners insurance review. A homeowners review can make sure you are appropriately covered for our inevitable spring storms that can bring rain, lightning, damaging winds and flooding. When you contact the Bob Korvas Agency, you are contacting an independent insurance agency. That means we can take an unbiased look at your policy and make sure you have the coverage you expect to have. We can also get quotes from insurance providers who will compete for your business. This very often results in savings for our clients.

Try us online if you prefer. Visit our website, answer a few questions and get a comparative quote for your auto and homeowners insurance. We think you’ll soon discover the power of having an independent agency working for you. We are the Bob Korvas Agency and we are here to serve you.