How Winter Weather Can Open You Up to Lawsuits in Niles, IL

Here in Niles, Illinois 60714, the weather can get pretty bad in the winter. Unfortunately, the winter puts your business as a whole at risk of potential lawsuits due to injured employees and even customers. Read on to learn more about common accidents at the workplace and how you can reduce these problems.

Common Workplace Accidents in the Winter

As a business owner, you are likely aware of the fact that workplace accidents tend to increase in the winter due to the cold temperatures, snow and ice. Here are some common accidents that could occur at the workplace:

  • Slip and fall injuries from wet floors or ice outdoors.

  • Dehydration, frostbite and hypothermia.

  • Auto accidents on icy and slippery roads

  • Falls from slippery or wet ladders, machinery, scaffolding, etc.

  • Injuries from removing snow and ice, such as back, shoulder and wrist stains.

  • Injuries from falling objects, such as utility poles, tree limbs and icicles.

All of these may not pertain to your place of business and actually involve customers and employees. Regardless, they can all happen and they can all put you at risk of being sued.

How to Reduce Wintry Injuries That Lead to Lawsuits

  1. Make sure all snow and ice is promptly removed from parking lots and around the building, especially on the sidewalks and near the doors. Make sure after the removal has been done that salt is applied.

  2. Make sure that you keep an eye on the fluctuating temperatures so that more salt can be applied, if necessary.

  3. Make sure that rugs and mats are placed at all business doorways – inside and outside.

  4. Consider informing employees that tennis shoes or even snow boots are more appropriate that slip-ons and high heels during the winter. If nothing else, these shoes can be worn while walking to and from the office and changed once inside the building or in the car.

Although every single accident cannot be prevented, it is possible for you to reduce the chances of these accidents occurring. By doing this, you are lowering your risk of being sued by customers or employees. However, in the event that you do get sued, it is a good idea to ensure you have the proper commercial insurance to help protect you. Contact one of our independent agents today to gets quotes on this type of protection.