Bob Korvas Insurance Agency in Morton Grove, IL

Look online or open the Yellow Pages. You may be surprised to learn how many insurance agencies are located in Morton Grove, IL. It seems easy enough to find an agency that might meet your needs, but we believe that there is a perfect insurance agency out there for every customer.

We do not throw the word "perfect" around. From our perspective, what makes for a perfect agency/client relationship is ultimately how well our clients sleep at night. A satisfied client is treated with such respect and patience that they can move through life with confidence that they have purchased the best possible coverage possible.

We are not a one size fits all agency. In fact, we take the small details in your life into account as we help match you with policies that meet your needs. Do you have children at home, potentially-dangerous objects like trampolines in your back yard, need more than liability coverage on your late year automobile? It is those seemingly minor details that help us hone in on the coverage that will help make you whole should anything go wrong.

Isn’t it interesting how quickly things can go from great to catastrophe? An unexpected storm blows through, a neighbor falls on your property and breaks a bone, or a kitchen fire destroys your cabinets. It’s all so sudden, and so very unexpected. That is why insurance coverage is vital. You may hope for the best, but it is always smart to prepare for the worst.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, we would like to tell you about a new feature offered through Bob Korvas Insurance Agency: an online insurance cost comparison tool. That means that you can get the ball rolling by typing basic information about your home and/or auto into an online program and we will immediately provide you with several bids from different carriers.

Our ultimate goal is to help you find the insurance you need and to be here for you any time you have questions. Give us a call.

Commercial Insurance Coverage in Niles, IL

If you own a business in Illinois, Illinois commercial insurance is a necessity if you want to fully protect both yourself and the business. Our agency works with business owners who have any size of company, from the three person local business to the large company that services the whole United States. The typical Illinois commercial insurance policy will usually include the following.

General Liability

General liability coverage is that which provides coverage for your company in relation to damages claimed by others. For example, if a person were to visit your property and then be injured while there, they might file a lawsuit against you for negligence. If that lawsuit is decided in their favor, the money to pay that lawsuit will be paid out by your commercial insurance policy’s general liability clause.

Property Coverage

Another important part of Illinois commercial insurance is property coverage. This coverage is there to cover your building and also all the business possessions that are kept inside that building. Typically, property coverage will also cover nearly anything on the business property, for example if you have storage buildings on the business property where you store business supplies. Property liability coverage is very important if you own any business, just as homeowner’s coverage is for anyone who owns a home.

Workers Compensation Coverage

As an employer in the state of Illinois, you need to have workers compensation coverage if you have employees. This is for the protection of both you and your employees because it will pay for your employees to get medical care in the event that they are injured while they are on the job.

All of the above coverage is usually included in a commercial insurance policy in Illinois. You can also add customized coverage to suit your specific needs.

Don’t get caught without the level of commercial insurance coverage you need. Instead, you can easily compare quotes with Bob Korvas to find out what options you have available to ensure that you, your business, and your employees are safe and secure.