How to know what form of policy you need.

Home/condo/renter insurance policies come in forms known as for “HO-1 to HO-6 forms”. An HO form number is used designate the way the insurance contract is written for a common exposure under each states insurance regulations. It’s a way for the consumer and insurance industry to know and compare what the common benefits, exposure or…

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Homeowners Insurance State by State

While a large portion of your Insurance policies are similar for a home, condo, or renters, each state has it’s own unique concerns. Coastal areas like Florida are costly and tricky to  insure against wind storm exposures. States along the earthquake areas like California, Arizona Earthquake is more difficult and here in the Midwest Flooding…

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How does service line coverage work?

As the homeowner, you’re on the hook financially for subterranean lines or pipes running through your property; if your water pipes crack or your power line is severed, it’s your responsibility to fix. Standard homeowners insurance typically won’t cover broken utility lines, but homeowners have a couple of options for ensuring this potentially expensive home…

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Giving Pets As A Gift? Consider This Alternative!


This article is not about how to select a pet. It’s about spreading goodwill or helping an innocent loving pet that became unwanted. It’s about alternatives to buying pets when giving pets as a gift. This time of year, the months after the holidays are very difficult for gifted pets. Often they become casualties. An…

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