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Some History

Over forty years in my profession. I’m still very passionate about what I do for others and why. I could not have asked for a more rewarding career. Most people think Insurance is about just making a sale. It’s not true if you have a professional working for you. It is so much more. It’s learning about people. Investing time to know them and their needs. It’s doing what is best for the people I serve.

Let me share this story at the start of my career. It’s one example of why I love what I do for others. It’s what others have done for me that has made me work harder to serve people in my agency.

It was the spring of 1980. I just became full time. I set an appointment for 6:30 pm in Niles, Illinois. I rang the doorbell when I arrived. Mrs. Hipolito answered. As she invited me in, I looked beyond the doorway. I could see the dinner table was filled with family. The table was like a ‘feast’. It was a ‘buffet’ of homemade Filipino dishes. I thought, I must have my date wrong? I immediately apologized. I barely got my words out and Mrs. Hipolito interrupted me, “No, come in, this is for you!’ Can you imagine, they set a table for me to join them? I was speechless. After diner we talked business, I became their agent for ‘life’. I was invited to every major ‘life’ event from communions to weddings until the day they moved to California 20 years later. Needless to say that was extremely fortunate and unusual. That day on I’ve been rewarded hundreds of times over.

Whether you are the ‘parents’, the ‘great grandkids’ or anywhere in between, I’m always mindful that earning your trust, loyalty friendship and knowledge you share is a privilege. It’s also my duty and responsibility to protect it. Every one I’ve met has in some way, big or small, shaped my agency career. By meeting so many families and business owners, I’ve gained invaluable knowledge and perspective personally, as well as professionally. Many of my clients grew to be friends, ‘almost’ family or more.

Here’s a great example: How many people can say you met your personal family physician when they were only age 9? I did. Dr. John Kiriklakis, my doctor since 2013. His Dad Nick, proudly introduced him to me in 1981.

I’m here as your trusted resource. More than just the ‘insurance man’. Ask about estate matters, business operations, financial and legal issues, even how to play baseball (my passion I play competitively across the world. I coach High School for Ida Crown in Skokie Illinois). Whatever the case may be, I will give you an answer, a solution, a person to see, a place to start, or questions you may not think to ask. I’m here for each and every friend or client. Every member of the Bob Korvas agency feels the same. Just ask.

In closing, I hope you appreciated what I’ve shared here with you. The truth is, I could write volumes more. I’ve been fortunate to share and learn through meeting so many. I look forward to meeting and learning from more people just like you.

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